Campervan Conversions North East

Campervan Conversions North East

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the most exciting things to do is to travel in a campervan.  Think about all the fun you can have when your vehicle is what you can both travel and sleep in. Its amazing that you can travel anywhere easily and when you want to rest, you can just stop your campervan and then take a break.  Read on to find out more about campervan conversions.

You can cook, eat, travel and sleep, even live in a compact van.  Over the last few years the market for campervan conversions in the North East has become increasingly popular, more and more people are getting attracted to the concept of campervan conversions and most importantly, from all the vehicles which can be converted the VW transporter is the one getting all the attention and hype.

Campervan Conversions North East

This aside, the campervan conversion business is increasing rapidly meaning that there are now a vast amount of conversion service providers available to the consumer.  If you are looking for a VW transporter conversion or choose to opt for a campervan conversion then here are a few factors you may want to consider;

1-Duration of Your Trip 

The first thing you need to consider is the duration of your trip. Now, let’s suppose that you are just opting for a day trip, now, in this case, you don’t need a sleeping area, right? In fact, you just need a decent kitchen area with all the facilities. In this case, VW camper conversions will definitely be of use to you, and if you are away for longer than just one day you will have peace of mind that you have most if not all the essential facilities to enable you to enjoy your time away.


VW camper conversions are ideal for individuals, families and couples.  If you have the kids on board sometimes it can be difficult to keep the them entertained, your VW transporter can be kitted out with the latest tech to keep the kids entertained on even the longest of journeys.


VW camper conversions are without doubt the most popular choice of vehicle and conversion.  You can choose from a basic van layout or you can have everything you may need including the kitchen sink.  Bus Monkeys can carry out a bespoke conversion which will suit your individual needs so whether you need an elevating roof or a full width bed, extra storage space or a night heater or all this and more we can tailor the camper conversion to meet your needs.

Overall Verdict 

 Feel the time has come to start your own adventure?  Then you need to get in contact with a campervan conversion specialist and get started with the conversion process right away.  Once you’ve experienced the freedom that a campervan can offer you’ll never look back.


So if your looking for Campervan conversions in the North East get in touch today for a free no obligation quote, click here.

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