There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom that you get from a campervan. Their compact nature gives you the freedom to go anywhere that a car can go but with the benefit of somewhere to cook, eat and sleep while you explore.

The campervan market has exploded over the last 10 years and the VW Transporter is by far the most popular vehicle in this market. Not only does it have its historical pedigree and renowned build quality but there is a huge VW Camper scene with a vast array of shows and festivals in the UK and beyond where you can join likeminded enthusiasts while you enjoy your campervan.

As the scene has grown so the aftermarket suppliers of parts and conversions has grown to meet demand. This has been great for customers as it has given them more choice, but it can be overwhelming for people who are new to campervans. How do you know you are fitting the best quality parts to your van and how do you know your conversion will stand the test of test of time? The thing to remember is that a pop-top and a bed does not instantly make a quality campervan.

At Bus Monkeys we are specialists in the full conversion of VW Transporters from Van or Minibus in to full Campervan. Having been involved with Volkswagens since the mid 90’s we have a vast knowledge of the vehicles and the scene. We have refined our conversion techniques and the parts we use to offer our customers high end conversions that are built to last and feature only the highest quality parts that we know and trust. We manage and carry out the full build from initial design right through the build process to the final handover.

We can offer our conversions in a selection of layouts featuring all the essentials that you’ll need to hit the road. In addition, we can help you make your camper stand out from the crowd with a nearly limitless selection of interior and exterior styling options and luxury finishes.

Prices for our conversions start from as little as £9995 for a short wheelbase transporter and £10995 for a LWB model. Bus Monkeys will always supply you with a cost based on what you want in your van before starting work, so you will always know what you are paying and avoid any surprises.


Get in touch today and take the first steps to your campervan dreams.

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