Eberspacher S2 D2L – Product Spotlight

eberspacher s2 d2l airtronic

New to Bus Monkeys just in time for those winter camping nights are the new range of Eberspacher S2 D2L’s Airtronic Diesel Heater kits for VW Transporter T5 and T6.

The new Eberspacher S2 Airtronic family is the logical further development of the successful Eberspächer D2 air heater. With its robust components and the latest control system, the new Eberspacher S2 Airtronic boasts new features and a longer service life.

Eberspacher S2 D2L Airtronic Diesel Heater
The new Airtronic S2 is equipped with automatic altitude adjustment as standard. A new brushless motor has extended the service life to 5,000 hours. This new motor, a modern control system and the use of the latest metering pump technology also improve the acoustics. Furthermore, the new Airtronic uses the pioneering Eberspächer CAN bus technology.

The new Eberspacher S2 can run in temperatures as low as -40 making it a robust companion for your Volkswagen. The new Airtronic S2 heater only uses 0.28 litres of diesel per hour meaning its also super efficient. Once you’ve camped out with an Eberspacher diesel heater fitted you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

The Airtronic S2 fits in the same way as the older D2 model utilising the fitting positions that are already present on the VW Transporter. This allows a seamless OEM fit and finish.

To compliment the new Airtronic S2 diesel heaters, Eberspacher have launched two new controllers. These are the 802 controller which is an update or the hugely popular 801 controller. Its simple and easy to use functions allow you to select the required temperature and sit back as the controller ensures the heater keeps the temperature at the desired level.

Eberspacher 802 controller   New Eberspacher 802 Controller
The other new controller is the Easystart Pro which is bursting with new features. These include intuitive navigation with control knob, new timer function and display and LED colour ring for clear status detection. In addition to all this the Eberspacher Easystart Pro has a new intelligent diagnosis system. This supplies a simple diagnostics function in text form for users and a detailed diagnostics function for the workshop.

Eberspacher Easystart Pro controller  New Eberspacher Easystart Pro Controller
Bus Monkeys have four new Eberspacher S2 Kits available. You simply need to decide if you want the 802 or Easystart pro controller and if you want to fit the heater inside or underneath your VW Transporter. Choose from either the 802 internal or 802 external kit or from the Easystart Pro Internal or Easystart Pro External kit.

Unlike some other retailers, all of our kits come with everything you need to fit to your VW T5 or T6. Our kits come with the necessary heater mounting bracket, exhaust silencer and T5, T6 specific fuel pick up pipe. You also get all the necessary clips, pipework and fittings plus comprehensive instructions and technical manuals on CD-Rom.

Turn your van or camper in to a vehicle capable of camping out all year round. Visit our online shop or get in touch for more information.